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During this unprecedented public health crisis, many of us are struggling with overwhelming feelings of unrest and unease. As we march towards an uncertain future, the loss of our collective routines has exacerbated the situation—and no one is feeling this upheaval more than school-aged children. If your child has attended a traditional school for the entirety of their academic lives, they are probably unsure of what’s expected of them in a digital classroom.? (more…)

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To be a good parent, you know that you’ve got to be an open one: open to your child’s thoughts and feelings, and open to hearing about who they are and who they want to be. You’ve always encouraged your child to come to you with any problems they may be having. You’re used to being their sounding board about those monumental moments at school: you were excited to hear about a new favorite substitute, or tackling an intimidating science project, or their triumph after a breakthrough in geometry. These were all milestones that you were happy to share with them. Lately, though, the tone of these accounts—-no matter if they’ve involved a personal success or a trepidation—-has shifted in a way that you never would have expected them to.? (more…)

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Making the switch from a traditional school setting to online classes can be tough for a student of any age. Whether the student has decided to change schools in the middle of the year or is planning to get a fresh start at the beginning of the next, transitioning from any school is a big move. (more…)

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Parents often ask us how and why Mountain Heights Academy can be a tuition-free online charter school. With reason, we understand how families can be taken aback by a positive schooling system that doesn’t require the same monthly or annual costs of private education. And it’s true! Aside from the nominal fees charged at the beginning of the school year, there are no other costs associated with attendance. (more…)

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Not every online high school is built the same. Apart from different methods of teaching, coursework, and student to teacher balance, there are other important factors that can make an online schooling experience a great one, or one that is, unfortunately, a waste. Much of this comes down to one simple factor: is the online high school program you’re looking into accredited or not? What is accreditation and why is it vital for any student? (more…)

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Online charter schools have been receiving an increasing amount of criticism. We are the first to say that at times this criticism is warranted. We’ve heard the schooling horror stories; parents who describe their child’s online schooling experience as a “year wasted”, or a child losing out by not receiving the correct level of teacher and peer engagement. It’s upsetting to even imagine your child has lost a great deal of learning in the subject of math, did an underwhelming amount of reading, or realizing that they haven’t retained a single bit of learning in a semester of school.? (more…)

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Online classes can feel like an overwhelming task when it’s purely personal motivation and time management that gets you through. If motivation and management aren’t your strongest suits, there’s still hope to pass all of your classes with flying colors! All it takes is the willingness to change your current study strategies for ones that will aid you in scholarly success. (more…)

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We love schooling, learning, and developing our minds, but everyone who’s ever been to school knows the frustrating feeling of burnout. Sometimes feeling stuck in a learning rut is inevitable, regardless of how much you love to learn. In the average school system, problems with classroom engagement usually stem from a student having either too little or too much time to connect concepts in their learning. This can lead to boredom, frustration, and many other negative emotions.? (more…)

At Mountain Heights Academy, we believe that true learning stems from excellent communication, a willingness to ask questions, and a positive connection between students and their educators. If you’ve ever been a part of a classroom setting, you understand the difficulties of communicating directly with a teacher in a room full of peers. It can be difficult—and sometimes impossible—even when you’re in the same room, let alone when you’re back home working on assignments.


There are countless advantages to a digital school setting. For example, many families are happy building their child’s education around their lifestyle, not the other way around. Many students quickly take to digital learning, while others may find they struggle slightly at the beginning.? It’s also true that study and homework times are completely flexible and therefore up to the student and their family to establish, but it’s important to not lose focus, motivation, or make procrastination a habit. (more…)